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The National Archives Suffrage 100 Project
It is 100 years since women received the vote and, to mark the anniversary, The National Archives have launched their Suffragette 100 season. There are lots of talks and events taking place at The National Archives as well as the new records, click here more details.

LivingDNA - Scotland Project
The University of Strathclyde and SAFHS are working with the world's leading academics, scientists and genealogists, looking to map the world's genetic ancestry to the finest scale possible, one where patterns of DNA within countries can be identified. The academic team who were involved in the landmark publication "The fine-scale genetic structure of the British population" are now looking to extend the level of genetic detail throughout Scotland.

For more details visit

1911 Census for Scotland
The 1911 Census for Scotland taken on the the 2nd of April 1911, was made available for Family historians on the 5th of April 2011.

One of the unique bits of information on the 1911 Census which has not been seen on previous census is the Fertility information this shows for a married couple the number of children both living and deceased from that marriage.

The pages have also been digatised in colour for the first time, they became available from the 5th of April both at the Family History centre in Edinburgh and on the Scotland's People web- site.

You cannot scroll through an entire district, only the enumeration district, or institution you have gone into, whereas in previous census you could go through an entire district by going forwards or backwards and paying the appropriate number of credits. With this census you would have to find an entry in each enumeration district and then go forwards or backwards. An example would be Nairn Parish, which has 13 enumeration districts or Cawdor Parish, which has 6. This is relevant to those persons doing local history projects or for doing the history of a street where the street might fall within 2 enumeration districts. The Free Headers will give you a description of the enumeration district and can be found on page 2 of the header.

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