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SAFHS Publications List

Parish Registers in the Kirk Session Minutes of the Church of Scotland
An alphabetical list, by parish, of baptisms, marriages, proclamations, deaths and burials to be found within the Kirk Session Records of the Church of Scotland, some of which may never have been transferred to the Old Parish Registers, or elsewhere.
Price £6.00, p&p UK £2.20 Europe £4.90 Rest of World £5.70.

The Parishes, Registers and Registrars of Scotland (New Edition)
An alphabetical list of the parishes of Scotland, showing the Parish Number, the county the parish is in, and the years for which the OPR Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are available.
Price £6.75, p&p UK £2.20 Europe £4.90 Rest of World £5.70.

Registers of the Secession Churches in Scotland
Compiled by Diane Baptie, lists the Secession Churches in Scotland (by named "parish") and what their records contain in the way of births (baptisms), marriages and deaths (burials) prior to when Statutory Registration began in 1855.
Price £4.00, p&p UK £2.20 Europe £4.90 Rest of World £5.70.

Researching Scottish Graveyards
Gravestones are not all the same; the styles have changed over the years as has the type of lettering and the material used. Burial Grounds themselves have also changed and the history of many sites can give a valuable insight into the local area and the people who lived there.

This book, written by Bruce Bishop, the Chairperson of SAFHS, is full of information, photographs and drawings, which help us to understand more about the many aspects of burials grounds and not just what is written on the gravestone.

There is also information on how we can undertake recording tombstones safely, with no risk to ourselves or the stones.
Price £4.50, p&p UK £1.50 Europe £3.85 Rest of World £5.15.

Scots Abroad (Part One)
Emigration from Scotland has been ongoing since the medieval period. Initially, the destinations were countries bordering the North Sea. The Union of 1707 opened opportunites to Scots in former English colonies in America and the West Indies. During the nineteenth century Scotland experienced a high level of emigration, most of this destined for North America and Australasia.

This compilation is based solely on primary sources held in the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Price £4.50, p&p UK £2.20 Europe £4.90 Rest of World £5.70.

A Scottish Historian's Glossary
This book is very helpful when interpreting old Scottish documents. Standard words and expressions were used in such documents, for example anent (concerning), subtack (sublet), Martinmas (11th November), and these are explained, making the interpretation of an old document much easier.
Price £4.50, p&p UK £1.50 Europe £3.85 Rest of World £5.15.

Scottish Trades, Professions, Vital Records and Directories: A Selected Biography
This book brings together the titles of many works which contain lists of Scottish people, and which may be of use to the Family Historian. Other works are mentioned which give useful background information on various Scottish trades and occupations.
Price £7.00, p&p UK £2.20 Europe £4.90 Rest of World £5.70.

Weights and Measures
Family Historians tracing Scottish families may have come across unfamiliar terms in connection with weights and coinage. This dictionary lists those terms most likely to be found and, in addition, some of those less well known.
Price £3.75, p&p UK £2.20 Europe £4.90 Rest of World £5.70.

UK Postage is 2nd class; Overseas is for Small Packet or Printed Paper rate. Rates correct at 24th July 2018.

If you wish to purchase any of the above, please contact Bruce B Bishop by using our Contacts page and choosing Publications Manager or write to him at 4 Williams Grove, Dunnikier Park, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 3ND, Scotland.

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